Hand Poses Professional Photographers Use for Celebrities

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Hand Poses Professional Photographers Use for Celebrities
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One of the most frequently asked questions when shooting portraits is: where do I put my hands?

What we did - we searched for professional photographers photos to find out what hand poses they used photographing actresses. And we picked up 9 essential examples such as:

  • hands touching hair, face, neck
  • hands in pockets
  • hands loosely by the sides
  • arms and hands crossed on chest
  • hands holding something or put on something (hat, cigarettes, chair), etc.

which will help you find the best hand poses in any situation. Think of these examples for making stunning, natural pictures. Also be sure to check out our guide on 29 Male Poses Professional Photographers Use for Celebrities.

Hands touching the hair

Below are examples of Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lawrence running her hands through her hair. Look at these pictures, you can create beautiful shots from just half or full body. Also, the hands touching the hair create a feminine and sexy look. With this pose you can show a beautiful woman’s neck, ears and earrings!

Hands touching face

Look how Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet and Gal Gadot posing in these photos! They play with their hands around their face. Hands are relaxed, they lightly touch the face, chin, lips. Remember that you will get the best result if you shoot hands from the side, as this will reduce their size.

Hands touching the neck

When posing with your hands touching your neck, follow the same rules as when posing with your hands touching your face, i.e. hands should be relaxed, only slightly touching the skin of the neck. Look how Kate Winslet, Charlize Theron and Cate Blanchett posing in these awesome photos.

Hands in the pockets

Photographers say that: hands and pockets are the perfect pair. It’s easy to pose if the model wears jeans, trousers or dress with pockets. It’s usually comfortable pose for a model, look how Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Lawrence is posing.

What is important in this posture - make sure the model doesn’t put her hands all the way into her pockets. Make sure that hands are not hidden, as this may make the model’s hips look a little larger than they are. And for a more natural look ask the model to insert just the thumb or part of the hand in the pocket.

One hand in the pocket

Use the same tricks as with both hands in the pockets in this pose. The hand should only be partially inserted into the pocket (otherwise, the hips may look slightly larger than they are). Also, make sure the elbows and shoulders of the model are dropped. Try to create poses like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Winslet posing in these beautiful photos.

Hands and arms crossed in front of the body

Hands and arms crossed in front of a model looks elegant, take a look at Jennifer’s Lawrence and Julia’s Roberts photos. Also, crossed arms can convey confidence, look how Angelina Jolie and Mila Kunis posing. Therefore, the result depends on what you are going for. You choose, just make sure you give the body language more open feel.

Hands holding something

Holding something for sure will help you figure out what to do with your hands. It can be a hat like Nicole Kidman is posing, a women’s bag, flowers or cigarette (look at Kate’s Winslet photo). Giving something to hold for your model will help take the stress off what she was supposed to do with her hands, and it will also create a natural look.

Hands loosely by the sides

This is probably the simplest thing what to do with the hands, but it’s not an easy posture at all. Try learning how to pose as Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson in these beautiful photos. Try to stay straight, the shoulders pulled back, arms should be naturally at the sides, hands relaxed.

Hands on hips

Hands on hips are a strong, feminine posture. It works well with nearly every type of the body and is very natural. Hands on hips can create an optical illusion of a smaller waist. Models may place both hands on her hips or just one hand like Keira Knightley. As long as the posture is casual, the overall look will feel natural.

So try these hands postures as you will see that knowing them will definitely help you to prepare for a shot and get stunning photos.

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